About Public Advocates

About Public Advocates

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Public Advocates Inc. is a nonprofit law firm and advocacy organization that challenges the systemic causes of poverty and racial discrimination by strengthening community voices in public policy and achieving tangible legal victories advancing education, housing and transit equity.

We’ve been called “the small but noisy law firm.” We take that as a compliment, as long as noisy means standing up for our clients, being willing to ruffle a few feathers and achieving results out of all proportion to the size of our staff or budget.

Public Advocates has been on the front lines of the struggle for social justice for 42 years, focusing our distinctive blend of policy, legal advocacy and community partnership on the root causes and effects of poverty and discrimination and expanding rights and opportunities for low-income people, people of color and immigrants.

We make a difference by holding public officials accountable, influencing policy, shaping public discourse and transforming legal rights into everyday realities.

Our People


Pillars & Partners

Smart. Committed. Compassionate.

From board members to administrative staff, from  attorneys and professional staff to fellows, clerks and interns, that's the baseline for the people who make up Public Advocates.

Public Advocates IS its people. Read about their work, their accomplishments and their expertise.

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We call our alumni Pillars. They are an impressive, diverse and national group. Does it include you? We're building a community and we want to hear from you!

Our partners and allies include clients, grassroots coalitions and legal organizations. Our collaborations with these leading organizations are essential to our work.