Plaintiffs in the lawsuit challenging LA Unified School District’s plans for spending state funds meant to provide new or improved services to high-need students have filed a legal request with the State asking officials: (1) to compel the district to begin increasing or improving services by hundreds of millions of dollars this year and (2) to increase by an additional $422 million the funds LAUSD must re-allocate.

The California Department of Education (CDE) issued a determination on May 27, 2016 requiring LAUSD to amend its Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) by re-allocating some $450 million to new or improved services for high-need students.  LAUSD has asked the CDE to reverse or at least delay implementation of its ruling; the plaintiffs are asking the CDE not only to uphold its determination but to expand it to apply to the last two years as well.

Read the entire legal request:  Community Coalition Response to Req for Recon RfR (final) (7 1 2016)

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