Throughout California, local organizations and coalitions are fighting for Investment Without Displacement rather than gentrification and displacement. Public Advocates co-convenes a network of local and state-level organizations working to develop a shared analysis of the problem and shared solutions. Our goal is to knit together local organizing and campaign work across many geographies to build power and tackle both local and state policies. These policies are encouraging profit-driven development in some low-income communities of color (especially near transit) and failing to protect these communities from displacement. We seek instead a vision of investment that meets the needs of existing residents and allows them to remain in place as their neighborhoods become more desirable and expensive.


IWD Network Opposes “By-Right” Budget Trailer Bill 707 in the of Spring 2016

In June 2016, more than 50 organizations with members and roots in racially diverse urban communities across California signed on to a letter urging the state legislature to reject a proposed Budget trailer bill that gives developers the power to force approval of projects “by right” without public or environmental review.

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