San Jose’s findings on displacement from its Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice:

  • Includes and analyzes maps on the risk of displacement produced by UC Berkeley’s Urban Displacement Project (pages 52-57), noting, for instance, that “housing affordability is changing as low-income residents are being displaced when housing costs increase.” Specifically, 65% of San Jose residents live in census tracts experiencing early stages of displacement, while 35% live in areas at risk, undergoing, or in advanced stages of displacement.
  • Overlays Urban Villages, where major new development near transit is envisioned, with the displacement risk map (page 54) and provides analysis (page 56), illustrating that 12 lower income census tracts undergoing advanced gentrification, 3 undergoing displacement, and 11 at risk of displacement intersect with Urban Villages slated for near-term development.
  • Identifies “displacement of residents due to economic pressures” and “lack of tenant eviction protection” as impediments to fair housing (page 104).
  • Includes various strategies for tackling displacement, including continuing to enforce the Apartment Rent Ordinance (i.e., rent stabilization), pursuing a local Ellis Act and Tenant Protection Ordinance, exploring SOI discrimination protection, and exploring strategies to locate affordable housing in growth areas like Urban Villages (page 104).
  • Includes recommendations to strengthen tenant protections, specifically to develop and implement a tenant protection ordinance and to explore the creation of an Ellis Act ordinance and an ordinance providing relocation benefits for tenants of market-rate rental units (in addition to rent stabilized units) (page 106).
  • Includes a recommendation to explore a policy that will set aside affordable housing units that prioritize residents being displaced that live in low-income neighborhoods undergoing displacement (page 107).





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