An UpliftCA production. Created in partnership with the California Climate Equity Coalition.

Video features Public Advocates President and CEO Guillermo Mayer (starting at 3:55).

“Hungry for good news on climate change? This is it. #535Story

One state is proving that we don’t have to choose between clean air and good jobs by transcending the old politics of climate change. And more states are starting to follow their lead.

California is cleaning the air by charging polluters for the damage they cause, and using that money to uplift neighborhoods—with good jobs, new investment and healthier air.

You can find stories of real families whose lives have been changed for the better by these climate policies at…

Green For All is working to win fair and just carbon pricing policies across the country that curb carbon emissions, recover value for public benefit by making polluters pay, and drive green economy investments into the hardest hit communities.

You can join us by taking the pledge to prioritize workers and families at the frontlines of pollution first on climate:”

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