July 11, 2017 – A new gas tax was recently approved in California through the signing of S.B. 1. This new law will provide billions of dollars annually for transportation funding. Public Advocates, mentioned in this article, is part of a coalition working to ensure that funding decisions are based on a framework of transportation justice with principles including:

  • Base “highest transportation needs” on social equity principles. S.B. 1 includes language stating that its investments must go towards the state’s “highest transportation needs,” but fails to define what those are
  • Include extensive outreach and and public engagement to ensure investments match community needs
  • Ensure investments will reduce—not increase—air pollution and climate change impacts, especially for most the vulnerable people
  • Promote healthy communities
  • Expand access to jobs and job training
  • Incorporate strong performance measures tied to state goals
  • Support mode shifts to cleaner transportation options
  • Require, not just consider, complete streets for all road projects
  • Avoid impacts to natural lands and enhance regional sustainability
  • Advance housing affordability and mitigate displacement

Click here to read the full article by Melanie Curry of StreetsBlogCal.

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