Source: The Sacramento Bee
By: Loretta Kalb
Date: December 7, 2015

Related Staff:  Liz Guillen
Sacramento City Unified School District plans to slash class sizes in kindergarten through third grade next fall to an average of 24 students, reversing recession-era cuts that boosted the number of children in many classrooms to 30 or more. LCFF requires all districts to reduce class sizes to 24:1 for K-3 classrooms as a condition of receiving state funds.

… …

Liz Guillen, director of legislative and community affairs for Public Advocates, a civil rights and legal organization, said the reduction needs to be a starting point.

“I’m glad Sacramento City is doing that. I’m surprised it didn’t do it sooner,” Guillen said. She urged parents to make sure the reductions are carried out in their children’s classrooms.

Guillen added that the district ought to reduce class sizes in other grades in the district by using some of the extra state funding it receives for having a high concentration of English learners, low-income students and foster children.

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