We do this work because education is the key to economic and social opportunity.

All children – regardless of where they live, what color they are, or their immigration status – deserve a quality education that will prepare them for college, the workplace and a lifetime of learning. California’s under-funding of education over some twenty years and its neglect of policies to promote equity have created and prolonged a wide achievement gap. 

Access to Quality Education

Quality education means a lot of things, including safe conditions conducive to learning, and having decent books and materials. It means good teachers trained to teach the kids they see every day. And now, under our state’s new education finance reform law, there are standards we can use to measure that quality. We work with parents, students, teachers and community groups to make sure those standards are met.

Our Sacramento office is among the few with full-time staff devoted to making real the education rights of California’s students, especially low-income students, English language learners and foster youth. We are key members of coalitions that speak for more than a half million students and parents from throughout California.

Public School Funding & Accountability

We dedicate our efforts to this work because we know that in order to offer a quality education to all children, schools must have the resources they require and the funds that will help them to truly succeed. California’s under-funding of education over the past two decades and its neglect of policies that promote equitable resource allocation have created and prolonged a wide achievement gap.

Too many students from California’s least politically powerful communities are being deprived of a meaningful opportunity to learn and obtain a quality education. We’re fighting every day to change that.

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