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The Story of 535: Building an inclusive green economy putting #FrontlinesFirst

An UpliftCA production. Created in partnership with the California Climate Equity Coalition.

Video features Public Advocates President and CEO Guillermo Mayer (starting at 3:55).

“Hungry for good news on climate change? This is it. #535Story

One state is proving that we don’t have to choose between clean air and good jobs by transcending the old politics of climate change. And more states are starting to follow their lead.

California is cleaning the air by charging polluters for the damage they cause, and using that money to uplift neighborhoods—with good jobs, new investment and healthier air.

You can find stories of real families whose lives have been changed for the better by these climate policies at http://upliftca.org/in-our-neighborho…

Green For All is working to win fair and just carbon pricing policies across the country that curb carbon emissions, recover value for public benefit by making polluters pay, and drive green economy investments into the hardest hit communities.

You can join us by taking the pledge to prioritize workers and families at the frontlines of pollution first on climate:

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Mom urges school district to follow the law

Long Beach Unified is on track to misspend $124 million over the next three years. This money, which came from California’s groundbreaking education law, is meant to go to high-need students including low income students, foster youth, and English learners. Stand with Maria and her family, and make LBUSD meet its legal obligations.

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Remarks by Envision Transform Build East Palo Alto

With the battle for social justice raging across the country, it’s gratifying to celebrate those whose work has significantly moved communities forward. Envision-Transform-Build East Palo Alto has long fought gentrification and recently won $20 million for affordable housing in East Palo Alto. What started as a grassroots coalition of neighbors, has become a recognized leader and symbol of how organized communities can meet corporate giants like Facebook on a level playing field. We were delighted to honor Envision-Transform-Build EPA as a 2017 Voices of Conscience Awardee!

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Lateefah Simon’s Inspiring Words at Voices of Conscience

Lateefah Simon was a 2017 Voices of Conscience Awardee. Simon is a nationally recognized advocate for civil rights who brings over 20 years of executive experience advancing racial and social justice causes in the Bay Area. In addition to leading the Akonadi Foundation, Ms. Simon was elected to the BART Board of Directors in November of 2016, and serves as a California State University Trustee. She is a recipient of the MacArthur Genius Fellowship and was named “California Woman of the Year” by the California State Assembly.

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Monitoring the Money: Ensuring Targeted Services Reach High Needs Students

Managing Attorney John Affeldt, Carrie Hahnel of the Education Trust-West and Dave Sapp of the ACLU discuss the expenses districts must include in their LCAP, how districts should be calculating their supplemental and concentration funds, and the permissible & impermissible use of supplemental and concentration funds.

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Some CA Schools Look to Penalize Families For Not Volunteering

ABC News Reporter Chris Nguyen, reports from San Jose, that the “official word from the California Department of Education” is that “parents cannot be forced to volunteer.” But late last fall, an investigation conducted by the San Francisco non-profit Public Advocates, found that dozens of schools across California, some in the Bay Area, had rules in place to possibly penalize students whose parents didn’t fulfill mandatory service hours.

This led to the Department of Education to issue an advisory, reminding public and charter school officials of Assembly Bill 1575. It states that they cannot force parents into volunteering, nor can they charge fees to families in lieu of such a rule.

It was welcome news to College Prep alum, Sandra Cruz, a first-generation college student whose parents weren’t able to be as active as they would’ve liked.

“Some have low-income jobs or they make minimum wage, so taking a day off from work would’ve been [an extreme] hardship,” she said.

Watch the full report here

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Public Advocates, ACLU of Southern California, and Education Trust-West discuss a framework for analysis and advocacy around Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs)

Public Advocates’ Managing Attorney John Affeldt, ACLU of Southern California’s Director of Education Advocacy/Legal Counsel David Sapp, and Education Trust-West’s Director of Research and Policy Analysis Carrie Hahnel present a framework for analysis of local educational agency (LEA) LCAPs, including how to understand and leverage the incremental disbursement of supplemental and concentration funds to the LEA.

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CQE Day of Action

Student representatives from Youth Together dressed as prisoners to illustrate the school-to-prison pipeline at the CQE Day of Action in Sacramento on May 21, 2013. The Oakland students, along with dozens of others from around the state, went to the capitol to urge lawmakers to pass Governor Brown’s Local Control Funding Formula.

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In a video compiled from dozens of clips submitted from across the state, California’s parents and students speak out about the broken school finance system that has failed a generation and why they have come together to participate in a historic lawsuit, CQE et.al. v. California. For more information, see fairschoolsnow.org

Video editing by: Rasquaché Film Productions.
Music: “African Oranges” by Steve Enstad and Scott Gagner,

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