Source: EdSource
By: John Fensterwald
Date: April 20, 2016
Related Staff: John T. Affeldt

EdSource reports on a decision by the First District Court of Appeal on two related cases, Campaign for Quality Education v. California, and Robles-Wong v. California. The court affirmed a lower court ruling dismissing the case. Public Advocates, representing multiple plaintiffs and individuals, announced that it will appeal the decision to the California Supreme Court.

The article quotes John Affeldt, the lead counsel in the case CQE v. California.

“John Affeldt, managing attorney for Public Advocates, said in an interview that even after restoring lost revenue, California will remain the lowest in the nation in per-student staffing levels, and the Legislature has not sufficiently provided enough funding to deliver quality academic standards for all students.

He said that he and the other plaintiffs disagree with the majority opinion that a fundamental right doesn’t guarantee “a minimum quality.” That right would be hollow without it, he said. ”

Read the complete article here.

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