Forced Parent Work Policies

Forced Parent Work Policies

Issue: Education
Topic: Charter Schools
Case Date: January 14, 2014
Public Advocates researched 555 charter schools in California and found that almost one-third of them (30%) require parents to do work at the school for a set quota of hours. This practice is illegal under the California constitution and the Education Code. In our report, we expose the extent of the practice and explain why it is illegal. We have sent a demand letter to the California Department of Education and the State Board of Education urging them to take immediate steps to abolish the practice. Below, we provide a list of all the charter schools we found that have such a practice, with a link to their policy documents.
Note: The policy statements discussed in the report were available publicly as of Nov. 20, 2014, when this report was released. Some charter schools may have changed their policies since then and may no longer state that parent work hours are required. We plan to release an update to the report and to this web site in 2015 to reflect those changes.

Read the report Charging for Access: How California Charter Schools Exclude Vulnerable Students by Imposing Illegal Family Work Quotas

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if you have experienced charter schools' forced parent work policies
  • Oakland Military Institute
  • Urban Montessori Charter
  • Yu Ming Charter
  • Blue Oak Charter School
  • Children's Community Charter School
  • Paradise Charter Middle School
  • STREAM Charter School
  • Wildflower Open Classroom

  • Eagle Peak Montessori
  • Manzanita Charter Middle School

  • California Montessori Project
    Shingle Springs Campus
  • Camino Science and
    Natural Resources Charter School

  • Sanger Academy Charter School
  • Walden Academy
  • Fuente Nueva Charter
  • Laurel Tree Charter School
  • Redwood Coast Montessori

  • Abernathy Collegiate Charter School
  • Academia Moderna
  • Academy of Science
    and Engineering
  • Alain Leroy Locke
    College Prep Academy (Green Dot)
  • Alliance Cindy & Bill Simon
    Technology Academy High School
  • Alliance College Ready Alice M Baxter
  • Alliance College-Ready Academy
    High School #16
  • Alliance College-Ready Academy
    High School #5
  • Alliance Collins Family
    College-Ready High School
  • Alliance Dr. Olga
    Mohan High School
  • Alliance Gertz-Ressler
  • Alliance Health Services Academy
  • Alliance Judy Ivie Burton
    Technology High School
  • Alliance Marc & Eva Stern
    Math and Science School
  • Alliance Media Arts and
    Entertainment Design High School
  • Alliance Ouchi-O'Donovan
    6-12 Complex
  • Alliance Renee & Meyer
    Luskin College-Ready Academy
  • Alliance Susan and
    Eric Smidt Technology High School
  • Alliance Tennenbaum
    Family Technology High School
  • Animo Avalon Charter
    Middle (green dot)
  • Animo College Prep
    Academy (Green Dot)
  • Animo Ellen Ochoa Charter
    Middle School (Green Dot)
  • Animo Inglewood
    Charter High (Green Dot)
  • Animo Jackie Robinson
    Charter High (Green Dot)
  • Animo Jefferson
    Charter Middle (Green Dot)
  • Animo Leadership High
  • Animo Middle
    School #2 (Green Dot)
  • Animo Middle
    School #3 (Green Dot)
  • Animo Middle
    School #4 (Green Dot)
  • Animo Pat Brown
  • Animo Ralph Bunche
  • Animo South Los Angeles
  • Animo Venice Charter High
  • Animo Watts College
    Preparatory Academy
  • Animo Westside Charter
    Middle School
  • Aveson Global Leadership Academy
  • Aveson School of Leaders
  • ICEF Frederick Douglass Academy 
  • ICEF Frederick Douglass Charter Middle
  • ICEF Inglewood Charter
    Middle Academy
  • ICEF Lou Dantzler Preparatory
    Elementary School
  • ICEF Lou Dantzler Preparatory
    Middle School
  • ICEF View Park High
  • ICEF View Park Prep
    Accelerated Charter Middle 
  • ICEF Vista Elementary and
    Middle Charter Academy
  • Ivy Academia
  • Keck Early Learning Center
  • KIPP LA Prep
  • KIPP Philosophers Academy
  • KIPP Scholar Academy
  • Life Source Charter School
  • Los Angeles Big Picture High School
  • Los Angeles Leadership
    Academy (LALA)
  • Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts
  • Metro Charter SChool
  • Multicultural Learning Center
  • New Academy of Science and Art
  • New Heights Charter School
  • New West Charter
  • North Valley Military Academy
  • Oscar de la Hoya Animo
    Charter High (Green Dot)
  • Pacoima Charter School
  • Palisades Charter Elementary
  • Palisades Charter High School
  • Prepa Tec
  • Rise Kohyang Middle School
  • Rowland Heights Charter Academy
  • Santa Clarita Valley
    International (SCVI)
  • The Accelerated Charter
    Elementary School
  • The Accelerated School
  • Today's Fresh Start Charter
    Valley Charter Elementary School
  • Valley Charter Middle
  • Vista Charter Middle
  • Wallis Annenberg High School
  • Willow Creek
  • Sierra Foothill Charter
  • Eel River School
  • Tree of Life Montessori
    Charter School
  • Willits Charter
  • Willits Elementary Charter

  • Green Valley Charter
  • El Rancho
  • Journey School
  • Orange County Educational
    Arts Academy
  • Santiago Charter
    Middle School

  • Temecula Valley
    Charter School
  • San Jacinto Valley Academy

  • Alan Rowe College
    Prep (Fortune)
  • California Montessori
    Project - Capitol Campus
  • California Montessori
    Project - Elk Grove Campus
  • California Montessori
    Project - San Juan Campus
  • Community Outreach Academy
  • Creative Connections
    Arts Academy
  • Ephraiem Williams
    College Prep
  • Fortune School
  • Golden Valley Charter
    School of Sacramento
  • Higher Learning Academy
  • Oak Park Prep
  • Smythe Academy
    of Arts and Sciences
  • Sol Aureus College Prep
  • St. HOPE Public School 7
  • Westside Preparatory Charter
  • William Lee College
    Prep (Fortune)

  • Encore High School
  • Grove School
  • Hardy Brown College Prep
  • Inland Leaders
    Charter Academy
  • Mountain View Montessori
  • Pathways to College
  • Public Safety Academy

  • Chula Vista Learning
    Community Charter School
  • EJE Academy Elementary
  • EJE Academy Middle
  • Helix Charter School
  • Oxford Preparatory Academy

  • Acacia Community
    Charter School
  • Acacia Elementary Charter
  • Acacia Middle Charter
  • Health Careers Academy
  • Joe Serna Jr.
  • River Islands Technology

  • Almond Acres
    Charter Academy
  • Bellevue-Santa Fe Charter

  • San Carlos Charter
    Learning Center
  • Summit Everest

  • ACE Alum Rock MS
  • ACE Charter Academy MS
  • ACE Charter High
  • ACE Franklin McKinley
  • Discovery Charter School I
  • Discovery Charter School II
  • Rocketship Academy
    Brilliant Minds
  • Rocketship Alma Academy
  • Rocketship Discovery Prep
  • Rocketship Los
    Suenos Academy
  • Rocketship Mateo
    Sheedy Academy
  • Rocketship Mosaic Academy
  • Rocketship Si Se
    Puede Academy
  • Rocketship Spark Academy
  • University Preparatory
    Academy Charter
  • Village School

  • Alternative Cooperative
    Education Charter School
  • Buckingham Charter
    Magnet High School
  • Kairos Public School
    Vacaville Academy
  • Mare Island 
    Technology Academy
  • Vallejo Charter School

  • Bridges Charter School
  • Camarillo Academy of
    Progressive Education
  • Ventura Charter School