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Celebration 2017

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2017 Friends of Public Advocates

The Friends of Public Advocates provide general operating funds that allow us to respond to urgent needs and emerging issues.


  • National Association of Law Placement
  • Bob* and Diane Olson
  • Jamienne S. Studley and Gary J. Smith

$500 – $999

  • Mary Cranston
  • Deborah Harris
  • Lillian Sing

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  • Amazon Smile
  • Karen Balos
  • Heidi Basarab and Bryan Hughes
  • Todd Bellinger
  • Jessica Buchsbaum
  • Lois Casaleggi
  • Andrew Chapin
  • Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program
  • Norma Cirincione
  • Natasha Dasani
  • Lisa Dickinson
  • Jean Durling
  • Delaine Eastin
  • Kate Godfrey
  • Jeather Haggarty and Jonathan Levine
  • Intel Corporation
  • David Kaplan
  • Colleen Kelly
  • Matthew Krumme
  • Karen Kupetz
  • James Leipold
  • Justine Maury
  • Kristine McKinney
  • Elizabeth Moeller
  • Dana Morris
  • Dana Neiswander
  • Mary Farris Page-King
  • Laurie Powers
  • Robert Preston
  • Lisa Puntillo
  • Joan Redding
  • Esther Rodriguez
  • Fumi Spencer
  • Tamara Stephen
  • David Tian
  • Tony Waller
  • Jennifer Zwagerman

List as of 10.30.17
*Board Member

$1,000 – $1,999

  • David and Christine Balabanian
  • BJ Chisholm*
  • Howard Fine
  • Anita D. Stearns Mayo* and Jim Mayo

$200 – $499

  • Julie Chen
  • Google Corporation
  • Richard Marcantonio and Shirley Hochhausen
  • Prudential Financial Inc.

2016 Friends of Public Advocates

The Friends of Public Advocates provide general operating funds that allow us to respond to urgent needs and emerging issues. A big THANK YOU to all those who showed their support in 2016!


  • Fred* and Muffie Alvarez
  • Joan Harrington* and David Light
  • Leo* and Sharon Martinez
  • Bob* and Diane Olson
  • Rohit Singla* and Meenaxi Deo
  • Jamienne S. Studley and Gary J. Smith

$500 – $999

  • William Alderman
  • Alina Ball*
  • Kathi Burke
  • Mary Cranston
  • Deborah Harris
  • James Hormel and Michael Nguyen
  • Anita Jongco
  • Colleen Kavanagh
  • Earl Koteen
  • Samuel Tepperman-Gelfant and Kevin Lingerfelt
  • Mike Loeb
  • Kathryn Ma and Sanford Kingsley
  • Richard Marcantonio and Shirley Hochhausen
  • Guillermo Mayer and Giannina Perez
  • James and Katherine Paxson
  • Abdi Soltani* and Grace Kong
  • James Tepperman
  • Jerett Yan

$1 – $199

  • Mark Aaronson and Marjorie Gelb
  • David Adams
  • Heather Adams
  • John Affeldt and Karen Hoy
  • Ravi Alimchandani
  • Manuel Alvarez
  • AmazonSmile
  • Jose Andrade
  • Rick Baker
  • Lori Bamberger
  • James Barba
  • Heidi Basarab and Bryan Hughes
  • Todd Bellinger
  • Anne Bellows
  • Michelle Bellows and Richard Bellows
  • Jane Benson
  • Jonathan Berry-Smith
  • Serge Bonte
  • Michelle Borok
  • Michael Bottom
  • Frank Brayton
  • Robert Brent
  • Bennett Brooks
  • Teri Burns
  • John Calmeyer
  • Maria Caswell
  • Laura and David Chan
  • Michael Chang
  • Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program
  • Andrew Cohen
  • Marco and Katherine Corona
  • Becky and Murray Dennis
  • Lisa Dickinson
  • Vinh Do
  • Deb Donovan
  • Kelly Dulka
  • Gabe Dusenbury
  • M Howard Edwards
  • Ruth Federico
  • Norma Ferriz
  • Margot Fine
  • Erica Fraga
  • Kate Godfrey
  • Sophia Graham
  • Katherine Gribben
  • Abel Guillen
  • Liz Guillen
  • Heather Haggarty and Jonathan Levine
  • Paul and Lisa Hammon
  • Michael Harris
  • Cassia Herron
  • Katherine Holbrook
  • Gerardo Huidor
  • Peter Hutchinson
  • Intel Corporation
  • Ida Johnson
  • Angelica Jongco and Daniel Hutchinson
  • David Kaplan
  • Lynne Koplof
  • Jacob Koskoff
  • Raul Krivoy
  • Isabelle Lagarde
  • Andrew Lah
  • Sam Lasser
  • Nancy Latham
  • Patty and Joe Leal
  • Elizabeth Lee
  • Lily Leitermann
  • Naomi Lifshultz
  • Kathleen Lopes
  • Pilar Lorenzana-Campo
  • Duc Luu
  • Kristina Majewski
  • Princess Masilungan and Rohan Pandula
  • Chance Massaro
  • Evan Massaro
  • Rigel Massaro and Dennis Maloney
  • Tomasa Mauricio
  • Cheri Mayman
  • Margaret McConnell
  • Noelle Michaelson
  • Micah Moon
  • Kathleen Murray
  • Giselle Navarrete
  • Jennifer Nemecek
  • May Nguyen
  • Tia Nguyen
  • Paul O`Lague
  • Viviana Ochoa
  • Einars Odinecs
  • Pamela Orgill
  • Annette Oropeza
  • Cesar Padilla
  • Mary Farris Page-King
  • Sumi Paik and Alejandro Gutierrez
  • Carmen Paparelli
  • Michelle Pariset
  • Leonie Patrick
  • Angela Perry
  • Holly Peterson
  • Eva and Justin Phalen
  • Mai Phan
  • Stuart and Lee Pollak
  • Andres Porras and Heather Ceron
  • Alice Ramsey
  • Darin Ranahan
  • Christopher Reiger
  • Tonya Richardson
  • Dan Rinzler
  • Lauren Roberts
  • Luis Rodriguez
  • Gretel Rodrigurez
  • Manuel Rosaldo
  • Will Roscoe
  • Carrie Rose
  • Thomas Rubin
  • S&P Global Corporate Responsibility
  • Alex and Judith Saldamando
  • Shantelle Salyer
  • Tony Saudek
  • Victor and Janet Schachter
  • Gretchen Schoenstein
  • Kate Reder Sheikh
  • Lillian Sing
  • Elaine Smith
  • Eric and Kim Sopher
  • Kenji and Fumi Spencer
  • Winifred Spencer Adams
  • Kyra Subbotin
  • Mari Rose Taruc
  • David Tian
  • Anthony Ubalde
  • David Valladolid
  • Debra Villegas
  • Paula and Arthur Voigt
  • Jonelle Vold
  • Ellen Wargowski
  • Madelyn Wargowski
  • John Knox White
  • Catha Worthman
  • Jennifer Ramirez Zamarron
  • Mitchell and Jane Zimmerman
  • David and Jessica Zisser

List as of 6.30.17
*Board Member

$1,000 – $1,999

  • David and Christine Balabanian
  • BJ Chisholm*
  • John Dwyer
  • Howard Fine
  • Marty* and Beverly Glick
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Hewlett Packard Inc.
  • Genethia Hudley-Hayes and Alton Hayes
  • Hufty Foundation
  • Bruce Ives* and Barrett Moore
  • Bienvenido Jongco
  • Anita Stearns Mayo* and Jim Mayo
  • Melanie and Matthew Stamerjohn

$200 – $499

  • Isabel Alegría
  • Peter Benvenutti and Lise Pearlman
  • Richard Bloom
  • Julie Chen
  • Grant Cox and Elizabeth Sager
  • Claudia Dencker
  • Andrea Knight Dolan and Peter Dolan
  • Jeanne Fauci
  • Google Corporation
  • Edward Haertel
  • Eliet Henderson and Josh Eveleth
  • Giselle Asuncion Jongco and Robert Jongco
  • Edith Keating
  • Cristina Martinez
  • Paty and Joe Mayer
  • Mark Nelson
  • Bonnie and Ricardo Ochoa
  • Caroline Perez
  • Prudential Financial Inc.
  • Dave Rorick
  • Harvey Rosenfield
  • Lois Salisbury and Robert Sinaiko
  • The Leo J. & Celia Carlin Fund
  • David and Lori Wargowski
  • Aaron and Beckie Zisser

Lateefah Simon, President of the Akonadi Foundation
2017 Voices of Conscience Awardee


Lateefah Simon is a nationally recognized advocate for civil rights who brings over 20 years of executive experience advancing racial and social justice causes in the Bay Area. In addition to leading the Akonadi Foundation, Ms. Simon was elected to the BART Board of Directors in November of 2016, and serves as a California State University Trustee. She is a recipient of the MacArthur Genius Fellowship and was named “California Woman of the Year” by the California State Assembly.

Envision-Transform-Build East Palo Alto
2017 Voices of Conscience Awardee

With the battle for social justice raging across the country, it’s gratifying to celebrate those whose work has significantly moved communities forward. Envision-Transform-Build East Palo Alto has long fought gentrification and recently won $20 million for affordable housing in East Palo Alto. What started as a grassroots coalition of neighbors, has become a recognized leader and symbol of how organized communities can meet corporate giants like Facebook on a level playing field. We’re delighted to honor Envision-Transform-Build EPA.

Pro Bono Champions

Public Advocates is pleased to honor four distinguished law firms that have made major contributions to our organization’s work on education equity by offering their pro bono services to our legal teams. The award to Pro Bono Champions is being made for the first time this year in recognition of the critical role these law firms play in helping Public Advocates further its mission to challenge the systemic causes of poverty and racial discrimination. We salute Pro Bono Champions Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer, Covington & Burling LLP, Mayer Brown and Munger Tolles & Olson LLP.

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